Transdermal Hair Restoration

Transdermal Hair Restoration

Transdermal Hair Restoration™ or THR ™ is a method of non-surgically addressing hair loss through the creation of a special skin-like graft that acts like a layer of skin. Created to the exact site of the client’s thinning/balding area, the graft is infused with human hair, matching the client’s own hair colour, texture, density and wave. Once completed, the client’s scalp is hygienically cleaned and exfoliated to be dermatologically prepared to receive the graft.
After the graft has been applied directly to the scalp using a unique transdermal retention solution, hair is appropriately restored to it’s correct, age appropriate density and actually becomes a physical part of the client for three to six weeks. This enables the client to perform any physical activity in complete security while eliminating the daily maintenance of traditional hair replacement products and the uncertain outcome of some surgical options.
Transdermal Hair Restoration ™ has successfully bridged the gap between non-surgical and surgical hair loss solutions by providing a new alternative that effectively combines the skill and artistry of a surgical procedure with the appeal of a reversible, non-invasive method while providing a cosmetic result superior to both.
The cosmetic result has been so convincing that the procedure obtained the endorsement of the American Hair Loss Council, the oldest and largest professional association of hair replacement specialists in North America. The procedure is hailed as an effective answer to hair loss in both men and women as the non-surgical cosmetic options available to individuals with excessive thinning hair and pattern baldness have been limited, in large part, to toupees, wigs or clip on hair additions.
Approximately eighty percent of men and about ninety-five percent of women with excessive thinning and pattern baldness are candidates. Candidacy can only be determined by a 10 to 15 minute diagnostic evaluation. SIR 101 can perform this free no obligation evaluation at any of it’s hair restoration clinics in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and other cities in Canada.


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