Premium Hi-Def 4k Hair Replacement

Two very prominent events in the past are now working in your favour: The stronger Canadian Dollar and the BC film industry slowdown… Read on for more details…

Many people never shop around to see what a really natural hair replacement can look like; they just believe that their current supplier is selling them the best. Yes, the best their supplier has, but NOT THE BEST AVAILABLE. So, we have decided, along with the approval of our exclusive PREMIUM manufacturing facility, to reduce the fees for our HOLLYWOOD BEST; and allow anyone who really wants the best to experience what “NATURAL Looking” really means.

This type of hair replacement previously was only reserved for our celebrity clients, the Movie Studios and their Make-Up artists that AHRC / SIR 101 worked with. We also offered it to our preferred clients who had the most discerned and refined desires and tastes.

Take a real close look at the very fine details put into these systems made for the special and unforgiving “HD (High Definition) 4K Cameras” used in Hollywood and up here in Hollywood North…

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We really want to give you the opportunity to have your hair replaced the way it should be… If you were, or are, a client of AHRC / SIR 101 and wonder why you weren’t shown this quality, well, we just didn’t have the economic means in the past to provide such premium work to the majority of our clientele base. It was only the Movie Studios and other high profile clients that could afford such fine craftsmanship in hand made hair systems… Two very prominent past events worked in your favour: The strong currency and the industry slow down in the BC film industry. Those two events have combined to provide you an opportunity to partake in a very exclusive type of Hair Replacement rarely offered to the general public! Because the dollar value made the manufacturing cost of these special systems less expensive and the Movie Studios were not buying from us we figured out a way with our manufacturing facility to produce these systems so the majority of hair loss sufferers could benefit without having a Movie Studio budget. This is your chance to finally have a full head of hair just like the famous actors of our favourite Hollywood films.

I would very much like to name celebrity clients, however they are afforded the same privacy all clients are, if not more… I can tell you that you will occasionally run into them in the waiting rooms and if you strike up a conversation they will tell you their stories about hair and how they ended up with AHRC / SIR 101 and are staying with AHRC / SIR 101. Take another look at the finished results:

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Watch this video for more info:



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