Hair Loss Treatment

Scientist and hair loss professionals agree that it is critical to robust hair growth to first create the healthiest scalp environment in which hair can grow. This is analogous to an agricultural field, which must first be fertilized before the sun’s energy can stimulate the growth of a bountiful crop.

Anagan Hair Loss Treatment Program

The word, Anagen is a scientific term, which describes the active growing phase of the hair growth cycle, during which a single hair follicle produces a hair that will continue to grow for a period of 2 to 6 years.

Anagen Therapy treatment products are formulated to enhance the anagen phase by creating the healthiest environment in which hair can grow. All Anagen Therapy products are made from only the purest, pharmaceutical grade, natural ingredients, with all harmful chemicals having been eliminated.

Ninety percent (90%) of all hair care products on the market today contain caustic chemicals, like Sodium Laurel sulfate (kerosene based), Propylene glycol (base for antifreeze), which are proven to impair the ability of hair to grow. These chemicals are absorbed into the tissues of the scalp and blood stream and over a period of time can cause the sebum of the hair shaft to crystallize, clogging the follicular channel and provoking hair loss.

After nearly 5 years of research, development and clinical testing, HairLabs International introduces the Anagen Therapy Hair Revitalizing System; an advanced formulation of all natural hair care products, dietary supplement, chlorine-free shower filter and a federally approved topical solution, proven to stop the progression of hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The Anagen Therapy Revitalizing System is light years ahead of other hair restoration programs and its superior botanical formulations have been adopted and exclusively recommended as a combination therapy by the world’s leading manufacturer of “soft” laser light, hair therapy devices to enhance the results of their treatment regimen.

The Anagen Therapy Hair Revitalizing System is nature’s path to fuller hair, thicker hair, healthier hair….and more hair. Combine Anagen Therapy with Laser Hair Therapy and you will have a powerful cocktail of hair loss treatment that will give you the best shot to arrest your hair loss and and rejuvenate your hair into a healthy head of growing , beautiful hair!

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