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EHK – Hollywood Artistry

For over 20 years Erwin has personally designed and created hair replacements for the major motion picture companies in Hollywood. His personal hair replacement clients read who’s who list of Hollywood mega stars. Mr. Kupitz and J.A. Alternatives have designed a series of ultra high-end hair replacements for both men and women. under the name EHK. The basic concept is simple. We have found a way to blend the magic of Hollywood artistry into the real world of everyday Hair Replacement. The results look completely natural viewed from any angle and in any kind of light. EHK was created by combining the finest Hollywood lace, imported virgin European hair, and the best kept design secrets of Erwin Kupitz. Highly detailed attention has been given to the color blend and workmanship. All of the materials, time, special care, and Erwin’s confidential techniques that the major Hollywood stars receive have been incorporated into the EHK design. And now it is available only to J.A. Alternatives and affiliate clinic clients.

The Crown

It is interesting to note that most people see your hair from the back and sides much more often than they do from the front. One of the most overlooked areas in designing a hair replacement has been the crown or top back portion of the scalp. If you closely examine the crown area of someone with a full head of hair, you will likely see a natural swirl pattern that has a very subtle starting point. Because Erwin has designed for Hollywood for so many years he is very aware of the movie stars being seen from every angle in a film, especially the back and top. This effect in the EHK is achieved solely through the use of Erwin’s innovative ventilation plan and the masterful use of slightly variable density in that area. The best way to appreciate the crown appearance of an EHK is to see it up close for yourself.


The Hairline

One of the most important areas of a hair replacement is the hairline. It is an area that cannot be camouflaged and it is usually the area that people see first. The best way to appreciate the hairline of an EHK is to see it up close, inches from the scalp. This is a distance that most people never see your hairline from. However, even under this extreme scrutiny the EHK hairline looks completely natural.
This effect is achieved by using the EHK special base material, the finest virgin European human hair, special hair blending techniques, and precise ventilation.
EHK was designed for the most discriminating client that is willing to invest a little more in his or her appearance in order to have the most natural looking hair replacement in the world.



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