Will anyone notice my hair replacement?


Deciding to have a hair loss treatment is a huge decision. If your hair loss has been dramatic or become particularly noticeable, you may already have endured negative remarks about it. Making a change can be daunting as you may feel it is likely that people will feel compelled to comment on your new hair. Depending on your age or confidence finding a way to navigate through this can be something of a challenge; do you brazen it out and tell people it has just grown back or explain your decision to have hair replacement and let them know why?

The first bit of good news is of course that most image changes are old news very quickly; the second is that hair replacement can be managed in a variety of ways that means that the visual impact can be gradual and should not alert people to your choice of procedure.

Hair replacement works by creating a special mesh that adheres to the scalp without need for surgical intervention. It is ‘temporarily permanent’ so can remain in place for 3 to 6 weeks, during which time it can be styled and handed just like your normal hair. The piece is woven from matching hair so that it blends well and it is replaced regularly. This gives the client a great opportunity to subtly ‘thicken’ their hair over time with the confidence that the change will be slow and discreet and unlikely to attract attention.

Since hair replacement therapy is non-surgical, it is a great way of covering up temporary hair loss due to stress or illness and can be started early on in that cycle if necessary. If you know that you are already experiencing a genetic tendency to male pattern baldness and would prefer not to allow this to be obvious, take advice early and consider trying a hair loss treatment before the effects are detected by onlookers and colleagues. Sir101 will be happy to advise on the best option for you and your hair, so call them today.


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