Why Would I Need A Second Hair Transplant Procedure?


Losing your hair can be a traumatic experience and when you start the process of hair restoration treatment through a hair transplant procedure, you want things to go smoothly and to be finished as quickly as possible.

When you read about hair transplant procedures, they are often spoken about as a single event. However, there can be times when subsequent procedures are required.

How Your Initial Hair Transplant Procedure Is Structured

When you get to your hair transplant session, it is designed by your counselor and surgeon to be a one time, stand-alone procedure that will solve the hair loss problems you have.

The aim is almost always to complete the moving of the follicular units within the one session. However, sometimes it is not achievable.

In your stand-alone hair transplant procedure, the idea is to achieve three goals.

Firstly, your surgeon will attempt to establish a permanent frame around the face, by creating or reinforcing the current strength of your hairline, but this placement or framing of hairline is dependent on the amount of hair you have left totransplant and how far your temporal hairline has receded.

Secondly, the goal is to provide adequate coverage across the thinning, or bald areas of the scalp.
Thirdly, the hope is to be able to move enough hair to achieve sufficient density so that your transplant procedure will look natural after this one session.

Reasons For A Second Hair Transplant

While clear goals are set during an initial hair transplant procedure, sometimes a second hair transplant is inevitable and more than likely will be determined within the first consultation, but sometimes could be determined after the 1st session of transplants. Typically, if you have thinning and baldness in the front hairline, on top and in the crown area you will more than likely need two procedures to get full coverage, this of course does depend on the amount of good donor hair that you have.

This is not due to the surgeon trying to get more money out of you, but because of specific issues that are faced in terms of the amount of hair that can be safely transplanted in one session and other medical reasons. Reasons why there could be a need for a second transplant after the first session that had not been stated prior to the first surgery are:

Firstly, once the hair that has been transplanted settles down it may be found that some parts of your previous existing and un-transplanted hair, which had new hairs inserted around them, may start to thin, as they were going to probably do so naturally anyway

Secondly it may be decided that refining of the hairline may be required to create a completely seamless edge to your hairline.

Thirdly there is the possibility that your hair loss will continue into your stable donor hair and create a need for a follow-up procedure to happen. In this case, patient evaluation will have to take place and consultation will be needed to understand why the hair loss is continuing at such a pace in the donor area.

Planning will be needed to ensure that your donor hair reserve is sufficient, especially taking into account future balding within the areas the hair is going to be taken from.

Because of these reasons, patients are always advised to wait around 6 months to a year after the first transplant beforeconsidering having a second procedure. This time will allow things to settle down and for hair length and grooming techniques to bed in, allowing you, your counselor, and your surgeon to see if a procedure is actually required.

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