What Are The Risks Of Cheap Hair Transplant Surgery?


Hair transplant surgery is usually an incredibly safe procedure that is normally carried out in an outpatient facility, and usually carries almost no significant risks or chance of complications.

However, as with any type of surgical procedure there can be risks involved if something unforeseen happens.

These risks can be magnified if you make your decision about your surgeon based purely on cost. Low cost can often mean low quality, which can increase your chances of magnifying the usually minimal chances of a complication occurring.

Why Hair Transplant Surgery Is Usually Very Safe

When we cut our skin, or it is cut through a surgical procedure, it can heal itself rapidly through a process called fibrosis. The more common name for fibrosis is healing.

Because of the small scale incisions in the transplanted areas, healing is rapid and at times almost undetectable. This can of course depend on the exact type of procedure you are undergoing and the scale of the hair transplant being undertaken. For more details on this, you should speak to experts such as us here at SIR101 about the different types of hair transplants surgery procedure.

So under normal circumstances hair transplant surgery is very safe because the incisions are small and heal rapidly, minimizing the chances of anything significant taking place.

What Things Can Go Wrong With Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is possible to suffer from a wide range of minor irritants during and after surgical hair restoration work.

Things that can happen include swelling, pain, bleeding, numbness, itching, cysts and issues with hair within the graft areas.

But generally none of these happen, and occasionally some of them do happen but on a very minor scale, and in most cases are easily resolved.

Unless an infection takes hold, or a completely unforeseen serious side-effect occurs, then hair transplant surgery is really no more dangerous than going to the dentist.

Don’t Take The Risk Of Cheap Hair Transplant Surgery

If the surgeon and his/her team are inexperienced, cutting corners, or doing things on the cheap, then the chances of a complication occurring will be magnified.

Although not certain, the question you have to ask yourself is for the sake of saving a bit of money do you want to take the risk of a more serious complication occurring?

Although price has to be a factor, you should look more carefully at the reputation of the surgical team, including getting references.

As well as that, you will get a feeling from talking to the people involved, often your “gut feeling” is good and if you get a bad gut feeling with a low price, you should step away.

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