Nutritional deficiencies and hair loss


Ask anyone that has been through major surgery what the side effects are and they will tell you that their hair either lost volume and weight, grew rough and course in texture or simply started to fall out. So why should this be? To put it simply it is due to the fact that the body is doing what it can to recover from the immense shock that surgery put it through and is using all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food to repair what has been damaged in the operating theatre. Therefore other areas of the body such as the skin, nails and hair are left to go without vital nutrients and suffer the consequences including hair loss.

However it is not only surgical patients that experience hair problems due to nutritional deficiencies. The most common reason for hair loss is a lack of nutrients in the diet. In order to work at their best and produce healthy hair our follicles need a good supply of certain vitamins. In an ideal situation the body would be able to produce all of the vitamins that it needs n order to function properly from the food that we eat, but of for some reason there is a poor rate of absorption in the body supplements may need to be taken.

As the hair is an external indicator of systematic anomalies it provides an early warning of vitamin deficiencies. Vitamins recommended for healthy hair growth include Vitamin A or Retinol; Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D or Calciferol and Vitamin E or Tocopherol. Vitamin A works to keep the hair from becoming dry and brittle, the four types of B Vitamins we need can be found in milk and egg yolks. Vitamin C is important for the creation of collagen which helps give strength to our hair. Vitamin D can be gained from dairy products as well as being in the sunlight more, it helps to maintain the cycle of hair growth. Finally Vitamin E increases the circulation of blood especially to the scalp which helps keep follicles healthy, allowing them to regenerate and continue to grow.


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