Is Laser Light Hair Therapy Safe?


Laser light hair therapy is increasingly becoming popular as a treatment for hair loss.

But there are many misconceptions around the treatment, mostly around the use of the word laser. This can conjure up images of sci-fi headsets burning heads with laser weapons.

The reality is very different, so let’s put your mind at rest by explaining exactly how safe laser light hair therapy is.

How Is Laser Light Hair Therapy Safe?

The treatment uses a non-surgical therapeutic laser. It is the most powerful type of laser that is safe to use in cosmetic procedures.

The laser light used in laser light hair therapy complies with European standards for laser safety and has been evaluated by most relevant international bodies.

In America, the FDA has also stated that the laser light used in laser light hair treatments, such as those offered by SIR101, comply with the United States FDA CDRH safety regulations section 21 for cosmetic use United States as a certified class 11A cosmetic laser.

Therefore, you can rest assured that all relevant official bodies are confident laser light hair therapy is a safe and non-invasive procedure.

What Safety Measures Are In Place During The Procedure?

Laser light hair therapy uses cold beam laser technology. This has been used in salons in clinics for many years for a wide range of hair and skin treatments.

The power of the laser is regulated thoroughly and is low enough to only produce the vibration required, harmless but effective for hair treatment.

You should not stare directly at laser light and therefore safety goggles are provided. These can be fitted over standard reading glasses should you wish to read during your procedure.

The laser light equipment also has safety features incorporated into it, including an automatic cut out if movement is detected or any event of power irregularities.

Discover The Benefits Of Laser Light Hair Therapy Today

The truth is that laser hair treatment is completely safe to undertake.

Here at SIR101 we have more than five decades experience in all types of hair restoration treatment, and have been at the cutting edge of using laser light hair therapy equipment for many years.

Treatment using this safe method can be done at one of our treatment centers, based in Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary in Canada, or the specialized equipment can be used in your own home. Whichever option you choose, the treatment results for most types of hair loss cases can be the same.

So click here to set up a no obligation appointment in one of our treatment centers to learn more about how safe laser light hair therapy is and what the benefits can be to you.


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