How is a hair replacement attached to my scalp?

If you've been hesitant to make a decision about fixing or correcting your hair loss with non-surgical hair replacement, because you are not sure how it's going to be attached to your scalp or how secure and natural it will look, then this blog post is for you.

There are many different ways to attach a hair replacement to your scalp, all of which are safe and provide many different levels of security and hold time. The fact that hair replacement is the only method that can give you all of your hair back and in anyway you wish to have it, unlike transplants and treatments, really makes the epitome of hair restoration in regards to how great you will look after the procedure is competed. There is no need to be afraid of hair replacement application methods. In fact hair replacement attachment is entirely reversible with no harm to your natural look if your were to decide that it wasn't the right choice for you. However the desire to reverse the procedure is a rare occurrence because the before and after results are absolutely stunning and exciting!


The following is a breakdown of the most basic kinds of attachment:

Clip on or other fasteners:

Type of attachment: Daily wear

Two sided adhesive strips and tape on methods:

Type of attachment:Daily to semi-permanent (1 - 6 weeks)

Liquid adhesive, cosmetic bonding and grafting:

Type of attachment: Semi-permanent (1 - 8 weeks)

Tie downs, points or weaving:

Type of attachment: Semi-permanent (3- 12 weeks)

Hair Replacement cut in of SIR 101's 4k Hi Def Hair System

This is SIR 101's Premium 4k Hi-Def hair replacement. This hair system is built with real Swiss lace acquired from fabric houses in Switzerland and the hair is the best grade of Eastern European hair. We are able to match you hair's denier, colour and texture with ethnically appropriate matching hair.


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