Discover The Truth About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems Before You buy


The effects of losing your hair can be far reaching and damaging.

As the weeks and months go by and every day looking in the mirror things get worse for you, it can be a long, lonely and the demoralizing journey towards what can often feel like the end of your life.

But the truth is that you don’t have to suffer in silence at all.

The quality of both non-surgical and surgical hair restoration options now is absolutely fantastic. And the costs are coming down year on year as well.

So the positive news is that no matter how you are feeling, if you pick the right solution for you then very quickly you can get your mind back into a positive cycle that will allow you to get on with your life as you used to.

However, there are a few things that unscrupulous companies and salons will not tell you before they sell you a non-surgical hair replacement system.

Hair Replacement Systems Need Maintenance

You will always read about buying a non-surgical hair replacement system as something that magically appears on your head and requires no attention.

This is where a uniquely created and fitted “second skin” containing your own hair, matched hair, artificial hair, or a combination of this, is attached to your head using special adhesives for a period of time.

Once attached, you can go about your daily life with ease.

However, what is often not made clear when you are sold your hair replacement system is that it will require attention and maintenance.

You don’t simply have it slapped on your head and then ignore it for six weeks. Because it is not your own hair it does not act like your own hair.

So you will need to factor in maintenance time and costs on top of the cost of the actual non-surgical hair replacement unit.

Beware Of Hair replacement Maintenance Contract Details

You will find that some companies will attempt to sell you a maintenance contract when they sell you a non-surgical hair replacement system.

This can be especially the case if you have purchased two units, so that one can be undergoing maintenance while youwear the second. This can give the company an option to hold on to it unless you pay the contract money.

In effect, they hold your second hairpiece at their own premises and never let you have both hair replacement units at the same time, tying you into their maintenance costs.

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