At Home Laser Treatment

Our in clinic Low Level Laser Hair Therapy program in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver requires you to come into one of our clinics at least 2 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes per visit for 6 months to a year.
We realize that just isn’t possible for everyone due to time commitments or distance from one of our clinics.
Therefore we have devised an at home clinical level Laser Hair Therapy program, which will include the same initial consultation, review, results tracking and topical treatments that our in clinic clients receive. The only difference is the time commitment for the same results as the in clinic program may take longer with the at Home Laser Hair Therapy program. Because the laser devices provided for at home use are not the same scalp coverage as the in clinic lasers and will require a little more exposure time to replicate the same exposure as our in clinic lasers.

We offer two types of at Home Laser Hair Therapy:

Theradome Laser Helmut & Anagen Program

Hairmax lasercomb & Anagen Program


The Advanced 7




 Lux 9

Professional 12


SIR 101 of Edmonton




9:00AM - 5:00PM


9:00AM - 8:00PM


9:00AM - 8:00PM


9:00AM - 5:00PM





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