SIR 101 was established 1963 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We will soon become known as Advanced Hair Restoration Clinics (AHRC), a division of the broader SIR 101. The purpose of our original foundation was to provide balding men from Western Canada, who were seeking good quality hair replacement to cosmetically improve their appearance, with professional options.
Back then there were no quality options in all of the major cities in Western Canada, therefore men and even women, who could not easily travel to New York, NY or Los Angeles, CA, where these types of products and procedures were provided, had to accept poor quality toupees and wigs, which certainly did not look like their own hair.


SIR 101’s founder, Harry Beleshko, traveled to Hollywood, CA, Europe, Asia and all points beyond to learn from the best of the best and source out the finest products available for hair replacement. His connections from all those years of travel are still alive today and with it comes some very exclusive options that only SIR 101 to this day provide to individuals in Canada, and in fact from around the world.
SIR 101 has been around longer than any of the large international hair replacement firms, in fact SIR 101 has at least a decade of experience beyond the biggest of them. Yes, we are not a big international hair restoration firm, in part because of how small the population was and how remote we were at the time to the rest of North America, and additionally due to intent. Because of it, SIR 101 is proud to be referred to as a very high end small boutique of clinics that serves the hair loss client/patient that is uniquely high end in their premium choices and preferences.
Many years of research, travel, promotion and heartfelt desire to bring the best of hair loss solutions to Canada and North America has lead to what is SIR 101 today. That is a thoroughly experienced and professional group of multi-disciplined hair loss treatment and recovery clinics that cater to the individual who is more concerned with quality and refinement than mass production and price points. SIR 101 delivers superior solutions with great value and benefit.

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